post-divorce parenting

However, I would say that the number one reason why the divorce process is so difficult, no matter how long the marriage was, or how many assets have to be divided, is the simple truth that it's hard to separate out the emotions of the marriage and relationship from the business of getting divorced.
Many fathers who are divorced will agree that the most difficult part is not being with your children every day and feeling like you've become a visitor in their lives.
This is what it looks like to parent like grown ups.
"We do everything but leap tall buildings in a single bound. We are superheroes without capes."
"Be willing to fight for the kids and your partner."
It doesn't matter how old you are -- it's never easy.
"Their example taught me that difficult adjustments can bring about positive changes in an otherwise negative situation," said
Toria with her mom last year. Her Relationship With Her Parents Today: "My mom drives me insane but in a good way. We talk