"In Christ the false lords of history, the principalities, are shown to be false; at the same time, in Christ the true Lord
International organisations studying the production and delivery of science, such as the Organization for Economic Cooperation
The dominant Western narrative The dichotomy of India's current post-truth experience was nicely summed up by Arun Shourie
As we watch Donald Trump take on the most powerful position in the world, many of us are left asking how a man who has consistently lied to his public could get so far.
The Boy was not laughing anymore because he was busy with new construction. The pasture was now prime real estate. The most
This article was originally published on The Conversation. Read the original article. Learn from history As alt-right ideology
From the research community point of view, it is critical that we continue to develop and expand our ability to provide unbiased
Misinformation is very much in season. Disclosures since the presidential election about massively disseminated misinformation