Retired concert pianist Deirdre Larkin completed her first race at 78 years old. She later broke the half-marathon world record for runners over the age of 85.
by Steven N. Austad, Ph.D. - Scientific Director, American Federation for Aging Research (AFAR) , Distinguished Professor
If you happen to be in a cold winter climate (or even if you're not), here are some potential benefits of winter hibernation
My parents walked back to find that my desk had been placed behind a folding screen. As they looked at my space, they smiled
Yep. Pretty much the same response I get from most of my friends. Intentions For Your Spirit • Is your health where you'd
At whatever price point you choose, and for whatever best suits your needs there's an Ebike for you. And biking with assist
For every William Eaton, there is the laid off factory worker, the no longer relevant middle manager, the woman -- or man
We may look much younger than we really are. We may be in good health and show it. We may move briskly and upright ... but we forget that when we speak, our vocabulary, our phraseology, give away our age.
More than a month after the election result that felt like sticking your finger into an electric socket and leaving it there for weeks, the calm is setting in. With the calm comes resolve.
Finally, the 2016-17 ski season is underway with lifts and lodges operating across snow country.