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The current news about Anthony Weiner presents a unique problem to Life in the Boomer Lane. Having used all of her best humor in her previous two posts about him, she isn't sure where to run with this latest inability Weiner has, to keep his penis in his pants.
Every May, as Mother's Day approaches, I make time to think about my mom. That can hurt, as I lost her so long ago, but this year was different. I watched my sister raise her children, who are now raising their own, and that has changed my perspective.
At the airport, I took a deep breath and approached the counter. I handed over my ticket, and the woman's eyes grew wide. She called over a coworker, and they spoke Flemish at 100 mph. I started to reach for my credit card.
In a thought-provoking ad from Expedia, an older woman appears to take a trip down memory lane over a romantic voyage ages
Actor Alan Alda joins HuffPosat Live to discuss his role in feminism and why it's so hard to end misogyny.
3) Smart canes. Well, why not? Fujitsu also has a walking stick prototype that comes with a built-in navigation system that
Sometimes I think the most important step in moving forward is just to move. So, I'm trying to follow my own advice.
Annoyed with myself for even giving him 20 seconds of my time and wondering how these phone solicitors ever get any work anyway by making cold calls, I shot off a fast status update to Facebook describing what had just happened. That's where a friend turned the real lightbulb on for me.
Susan Gilreath Hanks gets perturbed when strangers call her "sweetie, honey, etc." "I find it condescending," she said. And
Flutter was launched in 2012 as Lee-Hoffmann stepped back from the daily management of the health care consultancy company