postal service cuts

"Americans value and deserve postal services provided by highly trained, uniformed and accountable employees who work directly
The United States Postal Service is in a freefall due to poor management, a starkly shortsighted, paralyzed Congressional leadership, and the steady march of right wing ideologues.
“We think it's very serious for the postal service and if it's very serious for the postal service, it's very serious for
In fact, the Postal Service may be reconsidering the wisdom of the invitation, as well. The original box told recipients
The Postal Service introduced a limited retail line in the 1980s that included items such as T-shirts, mugs and neckties
The Postal Service may no longer deliver letters on Saturdays, but that doesn't mean its services are not important. In fact
Alicia Menendez and Zach Carter discuss how Karl Rove has angered the Tea Party.
WASHINGTON, Jan 14 (Reuters) - The U.S. Postal Service's Board of Governors has directed the cash-strapped agency to speed
Sacrifices will be required of the Postal Service, but hacking away at its core strength will not solve the problem. Instead, it would tear down a network that has taken more than two centuries to build. Americans should demand better.
Come Sept. 30, USPS will default on a $5.6 billion payment mandated by Congress to prefund employee retirement benefits, CNNMoney
Imagine a world without junk mail. Now stop, because the one real one is about to have a lot more of it. One Post Office
"This has been so much a part of the fabric of American life," Knight told HuffPost last week at the Charlotte, N.C., airport
The Postal Service’s bet that the Simpsons’ stamps would be twice as popular as Elvis Presley stamps apparently hasn’t paid
"It's well past time for House leaders to follow through on past assurances to hold a vote on a postal reform bill," said
Ohio Democrat Rep. Dennis Kucinich, a staunch supporter of postal workers, has gone so far as to argue that small-government
The agency could make smaller annual payments into a future retiree health benefits account, gain flexibility in trimming
The goal is to have a public Postal Service that can compete effectively in the market. But it's not a fair fight when we shove it into the ring with its shoes tied together and both hands tied behind its back.
And some lawmakers are concerned that the cuts will affect voters' ability to cast their ballot by mail, according to The
That includes eliminating as many as 30,000 full-time jobs and 5,000 non-career positions, USPS spokesman Sue Brennan said
The USPS has tremendous potential to innovate itself out of the hole it's in. Why oversee the demise of postal delivery when you can reinvent the organization for the future?