Postal worker

Other postal workers have been accused of stashing large quantities of mail in the past.
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Americans began taking to the road during the 1940s and '50s, for both business and pleasure. African-Americans were as eager as all other Americans to see the United States via automobile. Car travel for African-Americans, however, was fraught with difficulties because of racial segregation.
Traveling the same route day-in and day-out, postal workers get to know the neighborhoods quite well. And it's that knowledge, as well as keen eyes, quick-thinking and a commitment to serve that seems to turn so many of them into everyday heroes.
In January, an Ohio mailman with a keen eye saved a resident on his route. Jason Jones noticed that the normally-friendly
Indeed, as authorities crack down on more traditional ways prescrption drug addicts get their supply, veterans are increasingly
"This is a hoarding problem," she told MyFoxHouston. "People can have mental issues... it doesn't make them insane. It makes
Chopper Loughran, 29, of Lake Station, Indiana was working for the U.S. Postal Service as a letter carrier when she filed
WATCH: FOX8 reports from Akron. For almost 30 years, Keith McVey has delivered mail in the same neighborhoods of Akron, Ohio
SEPTEMBER 22--A postal worker who stole more than 3000 DVDs mailed by Netflix to its customers pleaded guilty yesterday to