Polling shows 63 percent of New Yorkers want to legalize marijuana, and Cuomo just might make it happen.
Adam Owen Grady cited the Bible in his complaint against Missoula County jail, claiming God gave people “every herb bearing seed.”
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Marijuana brings in massive revenue for states with legal retail cannabis sales.
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Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ new policy could make it harder to buy, sell, and use legal marijuana.
Oaksterdam University is college for cannabis, and women there have a unique opportunity to grow.
The "Mary Kay of Mary J" thinks the cannabis industry could be the first one with no glass ceiling.
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Health experts say we need to regulate cannabis products to make them safer to use.
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Legalized marijuana is the fastest growing industry in the U.S., but as more and more states legalize cannabis cultivation, what can be done to curb the growing carbon footprint of this natural resource hungry industry?
Yes, I was talking. That I was sure of. But my syntax and pacing were odd -- almost as if I was translating a Dead Sea Scroll
For the first time, archaeologists have unearthed well-preserved cannabis plants, which were placed on a corpse some 2,500 years ago.
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From surprising pizza regulations to legislation about weed, laws aren't always the same from state to state. This episode of "We The Voters," takes a deep dive into what happens when state and federal laws conflict.
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Maybe it's not the kids we should be worried about.