Never give up in the face of adversity. Turning dreams into reality is never easy. One of the biggest causes of startup failure
When I was in college, I heard John Logan read "Poem, Slow to Come, on the Death of Cummings," an elegy that recounts Logan's grief over the death of his mentor, E. E. Cummings. In the poem, in verses of great musicality, Logan works through his sadness by remembering moments he shared with Cummings, by celebrating his mentor's profound influence as an artist and teacher.
To feel powerless in the face of need is to ignore that need is only a signal of an opportunity to innovate. So, take a step
And yet, despite good intentions and a great deal of evidence-based recommendations (which, to be fair, are rarely adopted
The book to keep on your bedside table Why should parents, educators, grandparents, and alloparents care about these different
I've been thinking a lot lately about how we can maximize children's potential. I was recently meeting with a group of parents and one mentioned that they were struggling with how to teach them about how to reach their potential.
We're complex beings, and there is always more to learn. Caring is more important than "knowing." Are we interested, receptive, curious? The element of surprise can fuel a sense of newness and add excitement when we're open to it.
Let failure drive your success.
When reflecting on the various religious, spiritual and philosophical teachings out there, it's quite interesting to see
You fight to make a living everyday or die trying. So how do you make an impact on this world without having your name in lights?