Salads, dips, chilis and desserts that will win over a crowd.
Thirteen recipes you really should be grateful for.
Armed with one of these no-fuss casseroles or layered dips, plus a bag of chips, you're set for any party.
Have An Exchange! Another idea is to host an exchange of some sort. A cookie exchange is a popular one. Everyone knows ahead
None of these tasty desserts are meant to be eaten hot --which means you can easily make them ahead of time. Just pop the crust in the oven until golden, pile in the fillings, chill and enjoy.
The recipes are not only incredibly tasty, the stories are insightful and entertaining as well.
As you look back at the invitation for today's festivities, you realize that it says "potluck." Wait, what?
It's far different from the traditional technique of making ramen noodles by hand.
I realized that there comes a time in every woman's life when she needs to be sung to by a man with a heartbreakingly handsome voice in a language she doesn't understand. The sound of the words should drip with the dreams of her youth and the melody should hint of the promise that comes with time.
This is the time of year when abundance and dread bleed together ominously under shiny paper wrappings.