Potomac River

The Fox News host rekindled his xenophobic smears in an interview with The Atlantic.
The public is barred from a popular two-mile stretch of the Potomac whenever Trump visits his Virginia club.
We don't have to choose between a growing population and healthy economy, on the one hand, and a healthy and sustainable environment, on the other. We really can have it both ways.
The amount of protected land earned an A, current land use rated a C+, but prospects for future development received a C
The land use decisions people living near the Potomac River make today -- across towns, cities and states- - will directly affect the quality and quantity of water available to them, their children and their grandchildren.
The bridge was reopened around 2:30 a.m. Rescue1DCFD tweeted a photo of the rescue: The Washington Post has details: WASHINGTON
The Potomac River's health stands to suffer setbacks if the region does not change its development and building standards
America is witnessing some of its highest income inequality and lowest social mobility rates ever. If we are to fix any of this, it is best that we start at home, in our back yard, and in our nation's capital. And that begins with the Anacostia.
The Clean Water Act was critically important and made a real difference, but has it gone far enough? Perhaps a new documentary about the Potomac River will help shine a light on how the law has worked and, more importantly, how it hasn't.
Officials in Alexandria, Va.,'s Old Town, which experienced some minor flooding from Sandy on Monday, is monitoring the river