Powder River Basin

Locals describe the Kentucky company behind the first new mine in decades as “arrogant bullies” who “trespassed on people’s private property.”
This year, two energy companies that have each received billions of dollars in subsidies and financial support from the federal government are going into bankruptcy.
The PRB, stretching from northeast Wyoming into southern Montana, generates 40 percent of our nation's coal, more than any other region. Much of this coal comes from taxpayer-owned public lands. So why are coal companies being given a sweetheart deal to extract it?
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Environmental experts who remain unimpressed with President Barack Obama's war-on-carbon rhetoric point to one key reason for concern that's off most Americans' radar: U.S. coal exports.
"Companies are investing in this Hail Mary pass, trying to get their coal onto ships and over to Asian markets," said Ross
Although no coal production is actually taking place here, a filthy fuel with even more severe climate impacts than coal is leaving port bound for foreign power plants.
WASHINGTON, Jan 4 (Reuters) - Two top U.S. senators are calling for the Interior Department to investigate whether coal companies
It's amazing what a determined group of people can do, even in the face of the combined forces of coal, railway, and shipping industries. I sure hope they succeed.
We are determined to stop these dirty coal exports across the region and instead build a clean energy future that protects the Pacific Northwest's environment, health and economy.
'G'BYE BEACH' Dr. James points out a few less-obvious public health consequences that might be more difficult to mitigate
How will America embark upon a new energy frontier when we're promoting backwards policies that not only prolong the use of coal in the U.S, but also further enable dirty and destructive energy habits abroad?
This week, in the heart of one of the nation's best potential wind energy-producing regions, the Powder River Basin, the Obama administration handed away thousands of acres of federal land, land owned by you and me, to the coal industry.
Despite his administration's rhetorical embrace of clean energy, when push comes to shove, Obama is effectively using modest wind and solar investments as cover for a broader embrace of dirty fuels.
Next time you buy an iPod, don't forget to add the CO2 cost of moving coal from Powder River Basin, Wyo., to Guangzhou, China.
Uranium One, a Canadian company mired in controversy over its proposed purchase by a Russian mining conglomerate, is divesting
Through a useful regulatory loophole, commonsense safeguards have been absent in the United States' Powder River Basin since 1990.
Here's an international embarrassment waiting to happen. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar is not only planning to tag along with Obama in Copenhagen, he's going to be a keynote speaker.
Blasting has begun on Coal River Mountain in West Virginia, site of a long battle between Massey Energy and local residents who want it to be a site for wind turbines instead of coal mining.