Power couple

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The phrase was just added to the dictionary, so according to linguists, it’s here to stay.
While at a conference of over 4000 delegates and hundreds of dynamic speakers and presenters, there were two keynotes that everyone was waiting for on the main stage. Jack and Suzy Welch not only had presence, but an abundance of relevance to everyone that watched them on that stage.
Henry strikes a chord with her readers because she bares her heart and her soul in her works. Still there was always an indication that Henry was capable of creating something bigger, better and more compelling.
6. Tina Brown and Harold Evans. In the 1970s, Brown worked as a freelancer for the Sunday Times, where Evans was the editor
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Look out Mrs. Obama! There's another super-stylish Michelle in town. Michelle Fenty is the wife of D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty