power grid

Texans are being asked to conserve electricity as the state’s power grid struggles to keep up with the heat.
A record-breaking winter storm has killed more than a dozen people across the country. In Texas, millions are without power as electrical grids fail due to snow and cold. In North Carolina, a deadly tornado ripped a county to pieces.
As of Friday, 83 percent of the hurricane-battered island was without electricity.
Hurricane Maria has left the entire island without electricity — it may not return for months.
“This could cause wide-scale damage to infrastructure systems that are vital.”
Congress last month extended valuable tax credits to producers of electricity from wind turbines and solar photovoltaic panels, a move that came as a relief to an industry that has experienced rapid growth in recent years.
An AP investigation revealed that the U.S. power grid has been the target of several cyberattacks from foreign hackers in the past decade.
Elon Musk, founder of PayPal and the electric car company Tesla, among other entrepreneurial ventures, has promised to change the way our homes and energy work around the world. At least that part of the world that could pay for the Powerwall.
Does hacking into a private entertainment corporation's computer files constitute an act of war? Against whom, exactly?
A good first step would be to design a new, secure SCADA controller that replaces all the SCADAs operating in our critical