power plant emissions

The new regulations depend on the next president to enforce them.
"It will make the cost of electricity higher for millions of Americans."
Sources say the final plan will delay state compliance by two years but provide new incentives.
Environmental groups criticized the House bill, which they said would likely delay the EPA standards from going into effect
A group of senators had previously requested a 120-day comment period, which the EPA granted. But now the senators are asking
In November 2010, three combatants gathered in a sleek office here to build a carbon emissions policy that they hoped to
Environmental regulation experts say that, while the EPA's new rules will inevitably kill jobs in certain industries like
"This would make any reduction target more of a challenge to meet, and it would seem to penalize states that have taken early
Today, the auto industry is thriving, and American consumers save about $8 thousand at the pump over the life of their vehicle. We can't solve climate change overnight -- but we can get closer to a solution.
We recently finalized the nation's first-ever Mercury and Air Toxics Standards for power plant emissions. Once MATS is fully implemented, it will prevent up to 11,000 premature deaths, 4,700 heart attacks, and 3,100 emergency room visits across the nation.