This isn’t the first time he has found himself in the public eye. In 2012, a video of an impressive soccer goal he made while
In the last few years, sales of natural and organic foods have become big business. Annual revenues have nearly tripled since 2001, and they now exceed $91 billion. Healthy food isn't just for hippies any more, and corporate America wants in on the action.
With demand for the company's carbonated and artificially flavored sugar water declining, hope for Coca-Cola's profitability has been increasingly resting on the brands it markets as healthier alternatives. But there's a problem.
Brands are like people. So, what if? What if the brands we use and wear everyday were shoes? What would they look like? Feel like?
“I don’t understand why Powerade is fighting to keep BVO in its sports drinks when Gatorade, Vitamin Water and BodyArmor
The billboard, which reads, "Congrats LeBron/Championship has a nice ring to it" was just erected by Powerade over I-93 South