powerball winner

“The friends ... have been playing together for years and have a variety of plans for the winnings, including helping others,” lottery officials said.
I have never had huge lump sums in my life, it is more like money has been piling up slowly but surely, and for as much as I would like to think I wouldn't go crazy, I'd probably, just a little bit... So what to do if you actually win the lottery?
The mother of seven reportedly received a call during work telling her she was a newly-minted millionaire.
And then how much money you'd STILL have left afterward. 💰
"To help change the world, the #lottery winner should become a GOP Presidential Candidate."
The odds of a winner are climbing, too.
A man in Virginia had the best seat in the house when he realized he was sitting on a million bucks.
Manning drove about 90 miles from his residence in Springfield to Virginia Lottery's headquarters in Richmond in a snowstorm
According to a report on the CentralJersey.com web site, Scarnici came forward with his two adult sons to claim his prize
Paul White of Ham Lake, Minnesota, was one of the three Powerball jackpot winners, state lottery officials announced Thursday
DON'T try to "double your money" at a casino. In the event that you do win the lottery, here are a few friendly tips on what
Nearly 200 diners at Buddy Freddys in Plant City, Fla., hit the lottery Sunday when a generous woman picked up the check
Weeks later, when Mackenzie stepped forward to claim the prize, Crandell's daughter pointed out the winner's similarity to