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The new series will also feature Tom Kenny reprising his role as the Narrator/Mayor. The reboot will be produced by Nick
The hit cartoon "The Powerpuff Girls" is now coming back in a brand new reboot, according to Cartoon Network. The Emmy-winning
As an ode to magical girl characters the world round, Toronto-based animator and comic artist MK Harris organized an artistic collaboration (aka collab) encouraging fellow artists to choose a magical girl character and illustrate the character in their own style.
People tend to watch children's television at two very different points in their lives -- first as kids, and then again as
Being a Beatle might be great, but it doesn't give you super powers. In the end, Ringo has a positive message for the kids
"Dance Pantsed" will debut on Jan. 20 at 7:30 p.m. EST with a 10-episode "Powerpuff Girls" marathon airing the day before
Simply HIM's name contains the forces of evil. When he is first introduced on the show, it is said that HIM is "so sinister
Each girl has the power of flight, super-speed, super-strength, super-hearing, heat and X-ray vision -- but those badass
The "Powerpuff Girls" are returning to Cartoon Network. Blossom, Buttercup and Bubbles will star in a new special premiering
Occasionally, I'll wake up early on a Saturday morning to watch some cartoons. Childish? Possibly. Satisfying? Definitely.
However, Crystal is far from the first great monkey on TV (but may be the most versatile, considering she stars on another