While disruption may seem inevitable, city and governmental leaders can overcome it by understanding the causes, defining
Haroon Khalid is the author of the books In Search of Shiva: a study of folk religious practices in Pakistan and A White
Voters don't like the move, including in the Judiciary Committee chairman's home state.
This is a form of humanitarian negligence that has to be reversed. An old African proverb says that 'greed loses what it
Within portfolios, philanthropy can reward more entrepreneurial approaches to public-private partnerships, cutting-edge technology, cross-sector data and civic engagement. And it can leverage a modern toolkit, including social impact bonds and other innovative financing mechanisms, impact investing and outcome-focused partnerships with civil society, government and industry.
President Aquino has demonstrated that it is possible to be part of political dynasty yet be focused on the common good, and achieve enough in a single term of office to transform the country from the sick man of Asia to one of its leading economies.
The nightlife scene can be quite daunting for beginners, intermediates, and actually even advance level social media socialites. But sitting down with Hami Delimi, of Pigalle, Pompon, Pain O Chokolat, you get the feeling that you are in fact included.
Pakistan's political frenzy is continuing as the world looks on. It is almost a month since the wave of protests began in Pakistan's Federal Capital Islamabad.
There is bipartisan immigration reform legislation being debated in Washington. The bill would secure our borders, block
"We know from repeated polling over the last few months that North Carolinians are very unhappy with what's happened to their