After teaching at the Pilibos Armenian School in Los Angeles, Melkonian embarked on a successful career as a curator, landing
A New York college student wants to revolutionize the way men and women get busy.
While the show has been shuttered, that certainly doesn't mean the celebration of those talented individuals has ended. Last
From black fashion designers to everyday people dealing with identity politics, the fight goes on.
Any CEO responsible for a deal like this would've been fired long ago, but the previous DOD Secretaries are gone and we're still stuck with the bill.
Fusionism is expansive, inclusive. There are no limits to the combinations, of disciplines and techniques one can invent. Fusionism integrates and liberates; it creates dialogue and community.
George Shea, the head of Major League Eating, has often compared our sport to, "a ballet of the buffet." He is often ridiculed for comparing traditional art to, well, stuffing one's face for prize money and a trophy.
"The fire was huge. There was a lot of smoke. The clouds were really thick," 21-year-old design junior Anna Walant said at
For a school used to getting almost daily alerts about crimes--large and small--around its Clinton Hill campus, word last
It has been difficult for designers to convince their peers in management that they have something to offer. These new programs are endowing them with these tools.