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It is so quiet in Galina Tsypin's office that you can hear a pin drop. Or, to be more precise, a needle.
For anyone who thinks it is poor timing to host an economic summit focused largely on increasing diversity in Silicon Valley during a climate of protests against police brutality, here is a rebuttal: the two are connected, according to Rev. Jesse Jackson.
It is the presence of strong women in the Broadway musical, Holler If Ya Hear Me that attracted Saycon Sengbloh to be part of the cast and serves as a reminder of one usually overlooked facet of Tupac Shakur's enduring legacy: his female empowerment anthems.
In fact, Thursday night two of the fashion designers included in the exhibit, Stephen Burrows and Byron Lars, were honored
With the close of Paris Fashion Week, the ferocity and fabulousity of Fashion Month has sadly come to an end. However, the
John has shown extensively in the US and abroad, and is included in the collections of the Whitney Museum, MOMA, and the New Museum, NY. He is currently included in Classless Society at the Tang Museum.
Maria de Los Angeles, a 24-year-old painting major from Santa Rosa, Calif., said she's financially ruined because the blaze
Your brownstones provide balance against skyscrapers and your warehouses provide spaces for industries both small and large.
Neighbor Leigh Miller, 54, who lives on the same floor as the Kays, told DNAinfo that the victim and her son had a "volatile
HOOT is a new literary magazine in which each issue is a postcard, with one poem and an artwork. The magazine presents a
Enrico Miguel Thomas takes his moniker, "The Subway Artist of New York," seriously. He sets his easel on platforms and draws as people rush by and the wind from arriving trains whips his canvas.
A competition to design new hospice uniforms is an opportunity to see how multi-faceted hospice care is on the broader scale, and how smaller details can make a difference in the end-of-life care patients receive.
Wiltshire -- diagnosed with autism at the age of three -- displays an unusually powerful photographic memory that he has