Our relationship with God deepens further during the 5 daily prayers Muslims are required to perform at prescribed times
Also, routinizing the prayer may, like all routine steps taken before trying to fall asleep, make it easier to fall asleep
I never really noticed just how large of a chasm exists between the general Catholic approach to religion and that of most protestants--from clerics to laity--until I had embarked on a month-long bike ride.
Neither one of us are particularly religious, this tattoo and I. We are decided works in progress -- raw still, easily irritated, gloriously incomplete. Both of us. Lumped together like that, our flaws made us a perfect match for one another as well as for our makers.
I cannot recall exactly when the idea of prayer began to change radically in my own life. Prayer, for me, used to stand as something separate from other parts of my life. But I have come to learn that real prayer is not so much talking to God as just sharing God's presence.
That customer, Jordan Smith, told HLN she was surprised by the price cut. Responses to the discount have been mixed thus
What's wrong with our prayers? Here's what's wrong... what we often call prayer isn't prayer at all.
To those in the minority, the exact group the separation of church and state was meant to protect, being required by our government to be subject to prayers to a God and faith in which they don't believe will never just feel ceremonial. Never.
For some of us, the more mature we become, the more we are able to see the perfection of our mother's love. But our mom was out of the ordinary. Not just because she was ours, but because she overcame all the odds against her.
Whatever "God" may or may not be, I can't help but believe that faith in humanity alone is no better alternative. If God seems to fail at perfect goodness and power in light of human suffering and tragedy, so too does humanity.
South Carolina State Democrats Back School Prayer Bill
"Thank you." They're just two small words, but Oprah says she believes there is no better way to create abundance in your
Three men have been arrested after police held back hundreds of ultra-Orthodox protesters trying to prevent a liberal Jewish women's group from praying at Jerusalem's Western Wall.
For years, I prided myself on being an atheist and had no interest in god or religion. Back then, the word "spirituality" wasn't part of our everyday vernacular. But all that changed during the 1970s when spirituality became a buzz word.
We can prove in our own lives that, whether or not we are aware of it, our spiritual practice can help us achieve better health.
The "Prayer Interrupted" video was posted on their family channel, A Childs Guide To Life in August of 2008. It has over
Filled with gratitude, God's humor was not lost on me. My specific request had more than been filled.