Pre-existing condition

They could have been running against "Medicare for all." But they're defending efforts to gut Obamacare.
Just for starters, 20 million could lose coverage if a GOP lawsuit against the Affordable Care Act prevails.
Previously the administration said it would be fine to leave some of the law in place.
Repeal is off the table, but the GOP is finding other ways to weaken the Affordable Care Act.
Nearly every Republican voted to put the 46-year-old onto a U.S. circuit court.
The voters sent a clear message Tuesday -- and not just about pre-existing conditions or the Affordable Care Act.
Martha McSally is still telling people she voted to protect people with pre-existing conditions
Karin Housley's website and a new ad claim she supports coverage for pre-existing conditions, but her own statements suggest otherwise.
It's not just the lies about pre-existing conditions. The GOP still wants to go after Obamacare, Medicaid and Medicare.
"The Late Show" host also roasted Donald Trump and other Republicans for their hypocrisy.
Republicans are desperate to fool the public about what they did ― and would still do.
Yet another reminder that the GOP hasn't given up on trying to kill Obamacare.
The president at one point claimed California was "rioting" over immigration laws.
We don’t have to imagine what will happen. They've already told us.
Now it's Senate candidate Martha McSally telling whoppers about her record on health care.
Consumers need to select carefully and compare plans when buying pet insurance.
His opponent backs a lawsuit that could invalidate the law's insurance protections for those with preexisting conditions.
Building a border wall, repealing Obamacare, cutting food stamps — Republicans swear that's not them!
“I can’t give assurances on a specific hypothetical,” President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee said.