Pre-exposure prophylaxis

President Donald Trump falsely boasts that the team of scientists working to develop a coronavirus vaccine also developed an AIDS vaccine. There is no AIDS vaccine.
Gov. Gavin Newsom said pre-exposure and post-exposure drugs have "transformed our fight against HIV and AIDS."
Some suggest the supermarket chain denied the request on anti-LGBTQ grounds.
We’ve come to a point in gay sex where “Positive” means “Discussion” and little else. PrEP is doing the same for condoms.
And some of the other biggest LGBTQ wellness stories of the week.
"It’s good and big news,” a deputy health commissioner said.
Yet antiretroviral therapy can turn the deadly disease into a manageable chronic condition.
The researchers also didn’t find an increase in sexually risky behaviors over the study period.
I don’t know when the gay world got so prudish and judgmental.
Taking four doses of PrEP around the time of sexual activity cut the risk of HIV by 97 percent.