pre-marital sex

For writer Jessica Ciencin Henriquez, abstaining from sex until marriage was not the right choice. Henriquez joined a recent
Saving yourself for marriage was considered the norm back when so many couples married young. But today, sex before marriage may be key to determining lifelong compatibility. Guest Alissa Henry shares her story.
Woman Claims She Was Fired For Pre-Marital Sex
Maggie does not exude Sex Goddess, yet recently she told me she's had "somewhere between 30 and 40" lovers in her life. And her husband, Mark, has had three, including Maggie.
The authors hypothesized that the larger the proportion of Muslims and Hindus in a country, the lower the rates of premarital
A large proportion of parents in the United States are more afraid of their kids having sex than they are of their kids getting cancer.
"Isn't it better for unmarried, sexually active young people to use contraception than to not use it, experience a distressing
Of course early sexual experiences can have lasting effects on relationships later in life. So it's not surprising that with
Americans need a religious teaching that begins with the premise that sexuality is linked to blessing, commandment and God; that focuses on holiness and self-respect; and that sends the message that each of them is a person of irreducible worth.
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