Advantages of Staying at Home During the Pre-School Years 1. If the child is social enough to separate without anxiety from
I hope she will always dance like this: free and uninhibited, taking up all of the space she needs and inspiring others to do the same.
When I first talked to Yvette Hwee on the phone about her wonderful online preschool startup, Playful Bee, I was captivated by her passion. She spoke enthusiastically about America's issues regarding preschool and her experiences as a mom of two young girls.
Ain't no party like a K-5 party cuz a K-5 party has crafts.
This article first appeared on Dear Priscilla, My husband and I are both introverts, so it’s no surprise our
Parents only want what's best for their children -- but do we really know what's 'best' to begin with?
The budget outline just passed by Congress would make massive cuts in anti-poverty programs. The president is right to reject that stunted vision and to insist that Congress stop the cuts and re-start investing.
So many children have lost ground as the trumped-up fear of excessive debt children did not cause has been used by some in Congress to cut safety net programs we know work.