Shows like “God Friended Me” and “Preacher” are throwing out good and evil — and making sense of faith in today's world.
Vesko Valchev is a former refugee you came to North America for freedom, what his found was a new outlook on life. Now he's teaching his wisdom to those seeking it.
Adapting Garth Ennis's Preacher for television has some of the same degree of difficulty as wrestling with God, so it's impressive that after the first few episodes, the adapter team is still standing.
"I thought, 'What are the coincidences of me speaking the last Sunday of his life?'"
Mike Birbiglia and Andre Royo were two of the festival's stars.
Preacher has had that effect ever since Garth Ennis started writing the multi-book series two decades ago. The TV series, which executive producers Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen said this week will premiere in May, does use the basic framework of the book.
Get ready for some unholy adventures in 2016.
Salvation was always such an important part of my upbringing. We were constantly begged, pushed, prodded and manipulated to go down the aisle. If I got saved once, I got saved a hundred times.
Seems like Jesse Custer (the Preacher) is the next perfect anti-hero to fill Walter White and Don Draper's shoes. "Preacher