Plastic may be a significant source of air pollution, concluded a new study that shows how microplastics may be carried through winds and precipitation.
It also marked the end of the wettest 12-month period in NOAA's 125 years of record-keeping.
Scientists say that even the world's driest places are in for a drenching.
The amount of climate change in the future, the report says, "will still largely be determined by choices society makes about
"Future climate change may also lead to sea level rise which could lead to more frequent and extensive flooding," the plan
Risk is risk. Those who refuse to gamble with the environment will continue to be pitted against those who refuse to recognize the imminent dangers facing our planet.
People have long believed that bad weather is some kind of vengeful divine retribution, punishment for our earthly misbehavior. Certainly in the face of extreme hardship, this is a tempting response, based, perhaps, on guilt.
BOULDER - Scientists at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder figured out that planes often inadvertently
California is at a crossroads; it can either follow its old course toward drought and an insufficient drinking water supply, or it can commit to a new, smart-water solution for the 21st century.