Predator Drones

In the end, what we know about the world is that it is rapidly becoming a much more dangerous place. What we know about Robert
Hillary Clinton exhibits an appalling enthusiasm for United States wars not in self-defense, i.e., legalized murders on an industrial scale that create enemies while destroying our liberties and prosperity at home.
Despite such hallowed wisdom, Ms. Clinton has supported every war initiated by the United States not in self-defense for
New TMFS sketch comedy on how it is now legal in the state of North Dakota to arm police drones with non-lethal weapons, like tasers, tear gas, rubber bullets.
Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, has made no secret of his support for military
An expensive fleet of border drones is largely useless and costs five times as much to fly as the U.S. Customs and Border
Wild claims by anti-drone activists dominate the conversation, since the CIA and military have an official policy of not commenting on drone strikes. Average U.S. citizens cannot talk to drone pilots to find out whom they are killing based on what intelligence and why. However, recently, at a conference on drones at Boston College, I got the extraordinary opportunity to do just that.
It appears we will be engaged in the terrorist war for a long time, and drones are a useful weapon. But we cannot win wars from the air, and we need to keep in mind -- we need to seriously consider -- the consequences of using drones. Every bit of "collateral damage" we inflict creates deep-seated bitterness against us that will linger long after the fighting abates.
One of these guys is very wrong, and neither one delivered any real context to their analyses. Each view is a kind of cartoony boardwalk caricature of the president, rather than an accurate portrayal of the real-life leader.
But to appeal to them, they have to listen. "Drone strikes are one of those things that it's really convenient not to think