Follow Joe Ross on Twitter: Hollywoodization of the Hacker Will Bring Mainstream Awareness Shows
Until now, industry players have focused largely on building their own companies. Context has become critical. We need an
“In 2017 we will move from the silent AI that supports search, image, speech and text analytics behind the curtain to the
Anyone can make a prediction. Pollsters and pundits prognosticate and actually get paid for it. They don't even have to be
Machine learning and artificial intelligence have become big industry buzzwords in the latter half of 2016, but as we move
The Party supposedly headed for "extinction" won the Presidency, kept control of both the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House, gained control of 33 out of 50 governorships, and won control of both chambers of the legislatures in 32 states (with Democrats controlling both chambers in only 5 states).
2) Democrats will narrowly take the U.S. Senate 1) Hillary Clinton Will Be Elected. If you're looking for the most neutral
Brands are not behind, but at the same time, they cannot wait to get started. The future of experiences is one that depends
"He is a person who believes that money can buy everything."
The most brutal season of Survivor is coming to an end. With a record three castaways being pulled because of medical reasons
The Bachelorette premieres in a week and our girl, JoJo, gets her redemption at love. With any luck she will have multiple
The television personality and former NFL star will start his full time duties at GMA in September. Until then we assume he'll still be on Kelly and Michael for a few shows but the LIVE producers will have to start bringing in possible co-hosts to audition. For now we'll assume Kelly will return to the show after the drama, but this should make for interesting morning tv in the meantime.
Watch the trailer for season 6 and make your predictions on what will happen this season on Sage before the season starts
The NBA Playoffs begin this weekend. Here are our first round predictions. With four rounds of best-of-seven-games series
Opening Day is so close we can smell the peanuts and popcorn! The 2016 Major League Baseball season kicks off this Sunday
Political betting markets, which tend to be pretty accurate, put the probability at 61 percent.