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"Can I give you some advice?" That's a rhetorical question that friends, family and even strangers on the street seem to
If you take nothing else away, I've boiled it down to this: Tune out all the judgment, trust yourself, try not to worry so much, laugh, give yourself a break, be flexible and don't Google anything!
I always knew he was a great guy -- I probably wouldn't have married him if he wasn't. I did not, however, know the depths of my husband's patience.
Pregnancy can be a scary thing, but it gets infinitely scarier when your OB/GYN dies days before you're due. That's exactly
Pregnancy can be one of life's most exciting phases as you prepare to welcome a new family member, but it can also be one of the most stressful, especially as the details of your maternity coverage start to bog you down.
I really want to focus on the baby. But birth is so damn distracting. It's just looming there, at the end of pregnancy, like this massive Mount Doom with Sauron's fiery eye flicking vigilantly back and forth above. I am definitely Frodo in my birth story, with the wide, terrified eyes.
Once the baby arrives, these urges seem to stop, either because the triggering hormones recede or the post-partum mother
My dear Princess: Congratulations on your wonderful news! Here is some pregnancy advice from me, currently pregnant with twins -- and this is advice you can trust -- because not only am I pregnant and already a mother of three, but I am grandmother to an adorable three year old, as well.
Here are ten things I recommend doing when you are thinking about getting pregnant.
What can moms-to-be do to ensure the best mental health for their soon-to-be child?
If you are in your first trimester and the exhaustion feels all too consuming, try some of these coping strategies.
I had my daughter a little over three months ago and weird stuff's still going on. Stuff all those people telling me, "Think you're tired now? Wait 'til the baby gets here!" forgot to fill me in on.
Should doctors recommend women avoid pesticides during pregnancy as they do cigarettes and alcohol? We think so.
When it comes to pregnancy and eating habits, Pope advised expectant women to save their calories for actual meals rather
Research reveals that perinatal and postpartum mood disorders are often linked to striving for perfection. Here are some psychological meditations for cultivating a conscious pregnancy.