The levels of hate and bigotry in America have not diminished, a rep for the Southern Poverty Law Center told the Associated Press.
The Democratic presidential candidate believes voters "can move past old prejudices" after his campaign organizer was confronted with homophobia.
The presidential contender, who is Jewish, reflected on how his family fled religious persecution and he urged all Americans to reject bigotry and hate.
The "Us" actor said that colorism is a prejudice that's plaguing communities worldwide.
The Charlotte, North Carolina, City Council passed a resolution denouncing the president's bigotry and calling out his attempt to "stoke fear of others."
Black people will never have the power white people do.
“Our leadership is giving license, giving license to this prejudice," said the former vice president.
Like the congresswoman-elect, poor people are simultaneously shamed for their poverty and told that they're not poor enough.
Rachel Cargle attempted to create a "safe space for black and brown women to come together to grieve" the fatal stabbing of the 18-year-old. It was shut down.
In Oxford, Mississippi we spoke to Detra Gardner for HuffPost’s “Listen To America” bus tour. She told us about the racism she encountered earlier that day.