premarital sex

Catholic activists, in particular, are worried that teens will start thinking it's okay to have sex before marriage if they learn about sexual consent at public schools.
For his new album, the rapper tried to keep the production pious and focused.
Three ministers talk dating apps, getting set up by members of their congregation and premarital sex.
The faux clinics don't just set up shop next to abortion clinics. They're also in schools teaching abstinence-only sex ed.
Sex ed is cordoned off and considered a joke. Schools should integrate it into every other class, from science to English lit.
It is not just that people are accepting, frog-in-the-kettle like, behaviors that were once considered morally reprehensible
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It's like they can't stop thinking about all the ways they can take away LGBT rights. And they're not done trying.
As part of HuffPost Live's series on sex and religion, Brigham Young University professor Brian Willoghby weighed in on the
Assess each new partner as an individual, and stay keenly connected with how you experience yourself while in his or her presence.
HOUSTON, May 10 (Reuters) - The marriage may be legal but the suspected premarital sex was not, authorities said on Saturday
Not to be outdone by the lunatic slut-shamers in good ol' Mississippi, police officers (yes, police officers!) in the great
The argument to "wait until marriage" puts sex so high on a pedestal that love and exploration -- what sex is truly about -- are lost to fear and uncertainty. It makes any kind of sex before marriage experience (good, or bad, or ugly) look like a failure when, in reality, those experiences can teach us a lot about ourselves, our wants and our desires.
Lying about whether you were a virgin was the standard way you dealt with the double-bind of satisfying desires and the resultant guilt and shame instilled by a repressive Confucian ethos. An MO, which -- as anything hidden does -- only produces greater shame.
"If any couple chooses to consummate their sexual cravings, then that act becomes a total commitment with adherence to all
Virginia couple Bre and Josh Curtas decided not to see each other on their wedding day until Bre walked down the aisle. But
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Click through the slideshow below for unusual marriage advice from HuffPost readers. Is waiting to have sex until you're
Great sex happens when both parties are into it, and telling women that they need to offer more sex in order for their husbands to maintain a fighting weight and sunny disposition seems like a twisted way to incentivize the act. So please, Wall Street Journal, stop discussing sex as though it's a duty instead of a pleasure. That isn't good for anyone.