premature ejaculation

If you’ve ever been anxious before going on a stage, running a race, or in bed with your spouse, you’ve experienced performance
Are you and your partner sexually out of sync? You're not alone.
When beginning to venture out into dating life again, it's important to ask oneself these five questions to help clarify what you're looking for in a new relationship. These aren't resolutions, but rather internal conversations that will hopefully fortify your resolve to be connected to the most important elements of the life you want to have.
Following the belief that women are more likely to enjoy slow sex, it was fully expected that men would crave "fast sex" more often. But women surprised us by reporting that they preferred a faster pace more often than men.
It is quite possible to overcome bedroom challenges, especially when each is approached as a couples issue and without blame.
However, the researchers limited their definition to men engaging in vaginal intercourse because there are few studies on
Manage your stress. Having too much on your mind is inconsistent with good sex. Maintain good stress management: eat healthy
Premature ejaculation is usually a topic saved for teen sex comedies and locker room jokes. But what about the men and women who suffer from this in their sex lives. How do they live with it and are there any real remedies?