The Oscar-nominated actor said he had misjudged his co-star before they filmed "The Dead Don't Die."
And she couldn't make it down the red carpet without at least one dirty joke.
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"The Black Panther premiere really put fashion shows to shame," one fan said.
On April 28th, Garland Jeffreys will release a new album, 14 Steps To Harlem. Jeffreys continues making socially conscious
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I hit the red carpet at recent the LA premiere and caught up with cast to talk about the film and find out their best and
"'Runaways' is about how even a single act of kindness can change the world. It can be as simple as sharing a smile with
Watch the music video for "Hollywood Blvd" below. In addition to the EP, Madi's song "Crown" is going to be included in an
Photo Credit: Nina Jordan Not only has the song been flipped without losing that magic touch, it holds up as a truly enjoyable
Happy Thursday, readers! Today, our friends at Celeb Secrets have the honor of streaming Mayberry's upcoming EP, Beautiful
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