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NHS to offer safer Down syndrome test October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month. For weeks the web was flooded with beautiful
Genetics have never dictated my achievements, so I don't think anyone should assume life with Turner's will be awful. Doctors and genetic counselors need to provide a fair and accurate representation of the disorder -- which should include the stories of people like me.
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Last week, the Supreme Court ruled against chromosome discrimination. Now, citizens with two X chromosomes can marry somebody with two X chromosomes, and those with a Y chromosome can marry other folks with a Y chromosome too.
All parents want the best reassurance for their pregnancy and to protect their unborn to their greatest capability. What is imperative is that a woman understands her options concerning prenatal testing and the risks and benefits inherent in each.
- Immunologic: Researchers have identified certain molecules within the immune system that may impact, negatively, the developing
If I didn't have the experience as an attorney and the confidence of an advocate, my path -- our daughter's path -- might well have been different.
As prenatal testing for Down syndrome becomes more common, many women will face an array of information about their unborn children. But this confronts expecting mothers with difficult choices. How do counselors help women make these decisions?
What is not an open question, however, is whether pregnant women will increasingly face an onslaught of information about
The real draw of NIPT is its potential as an alternative to invasive testing, a way to replace a needle in the belly with one in the arm, to get information without putting pregnancies in harm's way. The draw of NIPT is that it is non-invasive. That's what makes it exciting.