prenatal yoga

By Kayla Bitten Weekend Retreat What it is: A weekend getaway for expectant couples fuses relaxation, romance and childbirth
Editor: Alice Trembour What is the most rewarding aspect of your teaching experience? I've become more motivated. I understand
By Anita Mirchandani Follow Well Rounded NY on Instagram and Facebook 5. Foam Roll. Packing a foam roll seems daunting, especially
Prenatal yoga doesn't have to be as restrictive as we thought.
If you're like me and prefer Pilates, yoga, and just the right amount of cardio in pregnancy and don't know which workouts to turn to, then look no further: I'm sharing with you my three favorite at-home pregnancy workout videos.
"For him, yoga is really fun," Love told The Huffington Post, but partner yoga also "creates a really strong bond between
New studies show that yoga can benefit pregnant women's emotional health, reduce labor pain and delivery time, and prevent pregnancy complications.
I'm 28 weeks pregnant and like many moms-to-be, I'm riddled with questions and mommy guilt. Am I doing this right? How will this affect the baby? Can I eat that? However, I've noticed that my list of worries is also deeply rooted in holding onto my pre-pregnancy self.
Modify this pose during pregnancy to ensure your stance isn't too wide. 5. Child's Pose: If you've ever taken a yoga class
Research tells us that the benefits of prenatal yoga can include stress relief, preparation for labor and better sleep. "When
2. It Can Keep Mom & Baby Healthy. 1. Yoga Keeps Stress Levels In Check. "Labor is one of the most physical things you'll
For the next 2.5 hours, which passed way too quickly, Cheri and Arturo Peal, her teaching partner, took us through a series of poses accompanied by energy work, meditation and breath work. I left feeling so good -- relaxed, restored, and maybe just a little drunk on yoga.
The researchers noted that medications, such as antidepressants, can help to treat women with depressive symptoms during
I spent most of 2007 feeling pretty spectacular about myself. For the first time in my life, I had a flat stomach and thighs that didn't rub together when I wore skirts or dresses. Then I got pregnant.