Whoever said you can’t survive nuclear war in luxury hasn’t checked out these high-end fallout shelters.
Americans like the idea of being ready for danger. If you have a gun in your house, you are the dangerous one in the neighborhood. Do you picture yourself in your home, shooting out the windows Western style at bad guys who want your food and water?
The story of summer camp is that all that hiking and canoeing, all that riding, all that time picking apples and berries, making cider and carrot juice, all that danger and wild, all of it made me know I could do anything. That's the coin toss of life.
Many conservatives have morphed into extreme preppers, warning everyone of the coming Armageddon, while secretly hoping that it will arrive right on time to prove them correct.
Bad taste or not, that's exactly what Eichenbaum is doing, with an incendiary defamation lawsuit seeking tens of thousands
Disasters disrupt life in unimaginable ways, making those affected much more vulnerable to secondary disasters -- the kind caused by criminals. I've been through a number of earthquakes and lost a home to Hurricane Sandy. I know how all-consuming the aftermath can be.
Though nothing can guarantee absolute safety in the path of a tornado, understanding something about the nature of tornadoes, safety tips for surviving a tornado strike, and which common folklore is to be trusted or ignored, will improve your chances for making the right decision.
As news of major breaches roll in like waves on a storm-eroded beach, the likelihood increases that the next war we fight will be waged on computers aimed at crippling the systems that keep the wheels of government and daily life turning.
Pese a todo, la idea de la destrucción del mundo humano prevalece.
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