Presbyterian Church

The Delaware senator will highlight Joe Biden's faith at the Democratic National Convention in an effort to engage religious voters.
David Reiter allegedly skimmed money from a Pennsylvania Presbyterian church for years -- while playing an active role in his faith community.
The defeat in the Senate of the “skinny repeal” of the Affordable Care Act was a major victory — one brought about through
These are basic choices that are not just political, but moral.
The new liturgy will come into effect on Wednesday.
You might have heard of the comic book superheroes, The X-Men, but have you heard of the X Club? In the late 19th century the group met for dinner once a month in London. Members won the prestigious Copley and Royal medals for scientific achievement. Two were knighted. They were scientific superheroes.
With vivid clarity, I remember the moment I first talked with Jack Rogers. I had just moved to Pasadena, California. As a
Black and brown lives matter more than white feelings.
For many who champion divestment, it is seen as something both symbolic and substantial. For those who argue against divesting, a key argument is that investing is a way to maintain a voice and influence discovery and innovation around cleaner forms of energy.
I loved recess. When I was young, schools didn't have a name for Attention Deficit Disorder, much less tolerance for it. So