"Nothing says false sense of achievement and unwarranted success like a preschool graduation."
Three children reportedly took sips of the cleaning product but did not show any signs of illness.
 What you can see: - Teachers crouched at eye level talking to kids - Teachers constantly observing children as they work
Preschool state funding is up 47 percent in the past five years.
What the creator of your kids' favorite shows has to say about media consumption.
"Government-run pre-kindergarten programs are another huge burden on taxpayers, and, in fact, they are detrimental to children and our country," he said.
“The first step is parents have to understand the value of REAL play. We’ve turned childhood into a period of resume-building
How the Education Secretary views early childhood education shouldn't be a mystery.
Make no mistake, Lanza operates on a shoestring. Mrs. Lanza died in 2014 and her financial support came to a halt. But this
The hodgepodge of emotions came full circle in that meeting, making me realize that her preemie story is something I've actually embraced since the day she was born. It's not a bad thing that my child's premature history will always be part of the conversation.
The board has strategy set out on it just like you would for a football game with pictures of parents on telephones, engaged