I don't spend much time looking at my face. I've stared at it for decades and know just what there is to see: circles under
I see you're a very committed mom, and that's wonderful. Your devotion to your son can't be questioned. Still, there are
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I was not prepared nor did I anticipate the awkward scenarios in which my son would place me in, all because of his budding sense of curiosity in the world around him. I myself love his inquisitive mind but others may not see it that way when put in these situations. So here is my open apology to those who have witnessed these moments.
School starts back up in a few short weeks, and the youngest students will embark on an entirely new adventure - kindergarten. As they stock up on newly-sharpened pencils and colorful lunchboxes, many parents are wondering, "is my child really ready for this first big educational step, and what does it mean to be kindergarten-ready anyway?"
Study suggests bedtimes and waistlines are related -- even at a young age.
Alas, you may go through this many, many times until she gets it. It's important to realize she's not a "bad child" just
7 Tips for Parents Laurie Hollman, Ph.D., is a psychoanalyst and author of Unlocking Parental Intelligence: Finding Meaning
Sure, high school gets all the glory, but preschool is the place where innocence still lives.
1. Be sympathetic. What seems unimportant for you might be hugely important for them. When your toddler cries because she
5. Role-play with dolls or puppets to show them what happens when a friend is bitten by another friend in school. Ask your
What do you do when your kids are extra-sensitive to high-energy TV shows? Shows with loud noises, intense music, and jarring sound effects can stress some kids out or cause them to emulate any wild behavior they see on-screen. If fast-paced shows aren't your preschooler's style, here are a handful of alternatives that -- while still entertaining -- have a softer, quieter vibe.
The best parenting style for preschoolers is one that builds self-confidence. Using Parental Intelligence always helps. Three
There are days where I feel like I have this parenting thing under my belt...and then there are days where it just completely
Would her parents think less of my daughter, a girl they didn't even know? In school, when the opportunity to play "house
Think of it this way: Have you ever had a horrible day? Like a really, really awful day? If at the end of that day you were