"Did you go trick or treating?" "Have you ever been a mom?" I am at work by the time I am supposed to be, and when I walk
We have a 34-month-old son who recently was kicked out of a small (and not very satisfactory) home-based daycare service
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I was not prepared nor did I anticipate the awkward scenarios in which my son would place me in, all because of his budding sense of curiosity in the world around him. I myself love his inquisitive mind but others may not see it that way when put in these situations. So here is my open apology to those who have witnessed these moments.
School starts back up in a few short weeks, and the youngest students will embark on an entirely new adventure - kindergarten. As they stock up on newly-sharpened pencils and colorful lunchboxes, many parents are wondering, "is my child really ready for this first big educational step, and what does it mean to be kindergarten-ready anyway?"
Study suggests bedtimes and waistlines are related -- even at a young age.
If you confront your child calmly with the fact that they lied and they won't get into trouble, you just want to talk about