Prescott, Arizona

A mommy, baby strapped to her stomach, is peering through a front window of SHASTYE Gallery and Play Space.
We may never know exactly what went wrong in the hotshots' final moments. But we can know that underlying their misfortune
The sole surviving member of the Granite Mountain team, Brendan McDonough, was scheduled to read an offering titled "The
Hotshots earn something like $13 an hour -- though their paychecks grow during the fire season. But what were the Granite Mountain Hotshots defending?
The worst travails of violence, wildfires, extreme heat, and severe drought can be found here, yet in many such moments there
Brewer and other Arizona Republicans have chosen power over principle. That is why once again, Arizona is the poster child for the high cost paid when a state defines the world by a single color.
The mural controversy is more than a local small city flap. If school Principal Lane buckles to the bigots' demands and reworks the mural he'll confirm the worst of the worst about Arizona, and himself. It's his choice.
I have previously contended that the political situation in Arizona raises the specter of a "new civil rights movement" in
According to an article in Prescott, AZ's Daily Courier, a large banner in Spanish that urged community members to respond to the census was removed after some locals complained.
Global warming debate isn't really about science or economics at all. It's actually a question of theology. It's really our generational version of the evolution debate that's going on here.