prescription drugs

Pharmaceutical companies Eisai and Biogen said they plan to publish the findings in a peer-reviewed medical journal.
Some of the most important work that went into Joe Biden’s new law took place before he even became president.
Some theories on why Republicans have so little to say about the sweeping, historic Democratic legislation on the verge of becoming law.
Since the fall of Roe, some pharmacies have refused to fill certain prescriptions that are the same as or similar to the drugs used in medication abortion.
Medicare negotiations for lower prescription prices have become the cornerstone of a new domestic policy bill.
The Senate Republican leader voted for a bipartisan semiconductor bill but said he'll oppose it if Democrats try to advance a new version of Build Back Better.
The case for prescription drug reform may be even stronger than it was before.
It's also a test case of how aggressively he's willing to use executive authority.
A last-minute deal on prescription drugs, unresolved issues on climate change, taxes, paid leave and immigration.
Now the question is what exactly the agreement entails — and what it would mean for the American people.