prescription medication

The doctor-patient relationship is a partnership. We're a team in helping you stay healthy or get healthier. So please stop trying to please your doctor by letting us think you are the "perfect" patient. It is compromising your care.
The man had childhood asthma and hay fever but was in generally good health until later in life, when he was treated for
Pill splitting -- literally cutting them in half -- has become a popular way to save on pharmaceutical costs but you need to talk to your doctor or pharmacist first, because not all pills can be split.
The boy was allegedly treated at two different hospitals.
Anybody who juggles multiple medications can relate to the problem of forgetting to take a medication, or not remembering whether they already took it. This is especially true for people who take medications at varying times of the day.
Prescription drug abuse is a serious problem in the U.S., and there is much more we can do to address and prevent it. Chronic pain is serious too, and prohibiting access to much-needed treatment is not the answer to either problem.
Also included on the list are medications for cancer, psychiatric drugs, immunosuppressant medications for transplant patients
As a Miami lawyer who sues prescription drug manufactures, I strongly urge the FDA to slow down and not allow innovation and corporate profit to outweigh consumer safety.
People who become obese in association with their antidepressant or bipolar disorder treatment are not like others who struggle with eating issues all their adult life. Many of them had been thin before drug treatment; they had healthy habits.
Millions of people believe that psychiatric medications have saved their lives, while millions of others report that their psychiatric medications were unhelpful or made things worse. All this can result in mutual disrespect for different choices.