The retail giant will only give customers a seven-day supply of the painkillers.
Pharmaceutical stocks took a hit after his statements.
What does this mean for every current patient, as well as all the rest of us potential patients?
The challenges stemming from drug manufacturer behavior are universal and demand meaningful change. After more than 50 years
Older adults are not immune to the problems of abuse and addiction, and signs point to a growing problem.
If you think drug overdoses are the scourge of inner city “junkies,” think again.
The relentless hyperinflation of drug prices needs to end, but it won't happen without major changes in policy. Some actions or proposals have included (but are definitely not limited to):
Americans take pills for everything including increased energy, weight loss, pain and medical conditions. Roughly 59-percent
Being a state of islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean carries with it many challenges, and a big one is ensuring access
Many in the United States struggle day in and day out with chronic pain. Yet while the amount of pain reported by Americans has not changed since 2000, we now see four times the amount of opioids prescribed.
• The most commonly prescribed medications are antibiotics, antidepressants, painkilling opioids, and cholesterol medication
Women are disproportionately affected by Alzheimer's, stroke, thyroid disease and much, much more.
The boy was allegedly treated at two different hospitals.