Many think taking sick days is a sign of weakness.
More employers and employees are acknowledging that sick workers don't make for great workers. Coming to work sick, called
Sleep should be sleep. Unless you are on call to save lives, save your own. Get eight hours of rest. Recharge yourself while your smart phone does the same -- in another room.
In addition to spreading germs, sick workers also aren't doing the bottom line any favors. If you're not feeling so hot, you'll
All stress isn't bad stress -- just the right amount of pressure can be a powerful motivating force. But as employers, we have to look out for the warning signs of workplace stress among our staff, lead by example and inject a healthy dose of well-being and support into our company cultures.
Without a daycare program where women can leave their hot flashes and discomfort, the best step companies can take is to educate their employees and employers.