Donald Trump is already laying a sweeping set of policy goals should he win a second term as president.
Suarez is the third Florida Republican to enter the 2024 race, after Gov. Ron DeSantis and indicted former President Donald Trump.
The political activist and academic said on Twitter that he is running to "reintroduce America to the best of itself."
The South Carolina Republican may struggle in a contest dominated by Donald Trump.
Haley's grim prophecy foreshadows what's likely to be a major Republican attack on the 80-year-old president.
Donald Trump hinted that he may run for the presidency in 2024 after newly released book excerpts added to revelations about his chaotic term at the White House.
Step 1: Get the Black Congressional Caucus to join the Republican Party so they can impeach Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.
"What if he loses and refuses to leave?" Olivia Troye said aides have discussed the possibility behind closed doors.
"They’re going to say, what the F happened to America in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020?”
Former Vice President Joe Biden said that President Trump is the first racist person to be elected to the Oval Office. He's wrong.