Presidency of George W. Bush

"Clearly lines have been crossed," said Andrew Card, who served during George W. Bush's presidency.
“I want to serve my country again,” says the former CIA operative turned Democratic candidate from New Mexico.
The percentage of Americans wanting to jump ship is markedly higher under the Trump administration than it was under his predecessors.
And Luis Bracamontes was released after a drug charge by former Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a Trump supporter.
Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer called it “a Friday night document massacre.”
It won’t be as thorough, and it’s being run by a group of George W. Bush lawyers.
The Trump administration has considered expanding the "expedited removals" policy for more than a year.
Resistance icon Richard Painter seeks Minnesota's Democratic Senate nomination, despite having served a GOP president.
The National Defense Strategy has included climate change as a threat since 2008.
The ACLU will argue that by keeping the suspect’s name a secret, the government is effectively denying him access to justice.
An alternative strategy for 9/12/2001.
They sought to obtain the documents to see if the hotel is profiting from the president's official position.
For decades, the GOP has sold their constituents a narrative of white victimhood.
"He stayed home during Vietnam with his sore foot or whatever it was," said Richard Painter.