The man's request sets up a first-of-its-kind legal test to the limits of statewide abortion bans.
Rakus an adult male, plucked and chewed up leaves of a medicinal plant known to treat pain and inflammation, and then applied the plant juices to an injury on the right cheek.
President Joe Biden is out to win votes by scoring laughs at the expense of Donald Trump.
The campaign did not say whom Kennedy will pick, but NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers and former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura are among the frontrunners.
Mark Perdue found out in November that he and his wife had won $50,000 but couldn't find the ticket they had purchased about a week before
Trump claims that former presidents are above the law. That flies in the face of the country's history, common practice and conception as a democratic republic.
The “Jolene” singer-songwriter explained why she isn’t feeling a “Dolly for President” campaign.
Admirers wrote birthday cards and watched video tributes to Carter, the longest-living U.S. president in history, ahead of his birthday on Sunday.
The former president said the department's reversal a day earlier in the lawsuit brought by advice columnist E. Jean Carroll was part of a “political Witch Hunt.”
The Asian country just retired an old and odd age-counting method that makes people a year or two older than they really are.