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Most Americans want civility in our politics. Most. But not all. U.S. Rep. Randy Weber was busy being uncivil before the speech even began. I wanted to respond to this as a minister and American -- and did so.
No one can fail to be awed by, and to appreciate, the sergeant's courage and sacrifice. But what was he sacrificing for?
This State of the Union was all about inclusion. The President acknowledged that the economic gains after the Great Recession have gone largely to those at the very top, excluding most of us.
In an ideal world, LGBT advocates would have liked to have seen Obama announce that he would be signing an executive order
Still, that hasn't prevented the omissions from being portrayed as a snub -- and an indication of a broader foreign policy
"Maybe the president is starting to settle down a little bit in his role," King said. WASHINGTON -- Republicans may have
Republican Randy Weber: Obama Is The 'Kommandant,' 'Socialistic Dictator'
CNN's instant polling among Americans who watched Tuesday's State of the Union found an overwhelming majority reacting positively to President Barack Obama's address, as it has four times previously during his presidency.
The always outspoken Rep. Steve Stockman (R-Texas) walked out midway through President Obama's State of the Union address on Tuesday, the Dallas Morning News reported.
Watchers were not entirely sold on Obama's pledge to "take steps without legislation" on some proposals if Congress doesn't