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"I think to a certain extent he was renting for the first four years, now he feels like he owns." "After that inaugural speech
Just a few months ago, we witnessed New York and New Jersey swallowed up by our still-rising oceans. Our continuing nationwide drought, after the hottest year on record, is clear evidence that our planet is not healing, but is hurtling towards greater climate disruption.
"We've got a $140 million budget surplus right now in the city and yet the services for the neediest among us are being cut
Full Segment: The city of Washington D.C. ordered homeless shelters to remain open Sunday through Monday for yesterday's inauguration. Should we criticize the city's generosity?
As ThinkProgress notes, LGBT Americans in many states do not have the same kinds of workplace discrimination protections
Of the many highlights yesterday's presidential inauguration provided (Sasha and Malia photobomb!), this has to be one of
Before the inauguration ceremonies began, Dr. King's oldest son, Martin Luther King III, called it "an extraordinary honor
2013-01-22-InauguralDiary.jpg It was that kind of weekend -- for the permanent residents of the capital a combination of celebration and hassle. Flocks of circling helicopters thwack, thwack, thwacked overhead like noisy mechanical geese. The inaugural parties were no less gridlocked than the streets.
As a jazz band passed the president's viewing booth in front of the White House during the afternoon parade, Obama was spotted
There were some pretty iconic moments at the Presidential Inauguration on Monday. We're reaching out to our readers to see